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Hi, my name is Renae Fieser. My husband, kids, and I live in Plains, Kansas. I grew up in Jewell, Kansas. My father is a pastor and got moved to Plains in 2003. Everyone kept telling me they were going to set me up with the piano player (Travis) at the church. Someone finally did and the rest is history.

Travis and I were married in 2007. At the time we started dating, Travis had just started farming on his own. Through our dating years and first few years of marriage we took on more ground and I joined in the operation and became the chief combine operator. He tells me I’m the field boss but he just can’t quite let go of that title yet, so I’m the back up field boss.

Kids and Milk Production

Jump ahead a few years and we had Hannah (11), Josie (9), Abby (7) and Naomi (4). We were looking for some animals that the kids could be involved in. We decided on dairy goats, a La Mancha and Alpine, because we consume many gallons of milk. After our youngest Eli (2) was born and we had accumulated milk in the freezer I decided to step out and try a new venture. That’s when 5 Chicks and A Hen was born. I love making the soaps and lotions, it’s my ME time. I can go to my factory and focus on something different. I can be creative and experiment with different fragrance combinations for both the soap and lotions.

As the kids are getting older and can help care for the goats more, we recently purchased our first buck (Time) that’s a Nubian and 2 Nubian doeIings we’ll breed in another year. This will keep the milk production going. In the future I would like to start a Nubian herd because they are very personable and friendly and oh so much cuter!!

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