I love the lotion and soap!! They are amazing! The soap leaves my skin so soft and I absolutely LOVE the poppyseed one to wash my face with. My husband has his own bar of soap so I don’t have to share. The lotions have helped my dry skin and I don’t need to keep re-applying all day even with washing my hands at work. The lotion saved my skin and my daughters this summer when we got burned. NO blisters and NO peeling!! I am also a fan of the chapstick!! It’s one tube that will actually be used till the end.

Melissa Talley

These soaps and lotions are fantastic! The soaps leave your skin clean without drying it out. And the lotions leave you moisturized and smelling wonderful without feeling greasy like some lotions do!

Chris Standard

My teenage daughter uses the goat milk acne soap daily. The soap has made her complexion clear and skin amazingly soft. Results are not over night, but give it time it works. Recommend to anyone with acne.

Melissa Langhofer

My skin type has always been the kind that needs EXTRA moisture—but I have always had to be extra cautious of what products I used, having overly sensitive skin. I was introduced to 5 Chicks and A Hen goat lotion when I was running short on Christmas stocking stuffers. I bought 1 Sandalwood Vanilla, 2 Monkey Farts, 2 Old West & 1 Mango Sorbet. I filled my stockings and had an extra let over and decided to use some on my hands and couldn’t believe how soft my hands felt all day after that.

I usually never get this lucky to have a lotion that makes my hands smell and feel this soft without having an allergic reaction. So, I waited and waited….NOTHING!! I put in another order and this time I ordered a soap bar with my lotion. I couldn’t believe how easily the soap cut through the deodorant and makeup. It has also cleared up back acne that my husband and I struggle with during the summer months. I now keep a soap bar at every sink. It cuts through the dirtiest of hands and makes the room smell so good!

All natural hypoallergenic products. A wonderful, hard working family teaching a lost art of making homemade goods. And lotions and soaps that work in every bathroom and shower and leave you feeling refreshed and clean and leaving a yummy scent all throughout the day.

Ashlynn Remington

I have been pleasantly surprised with the 5 Chicks and A Hen’s natural goats milk soaps and lotions. The goats milk is an excellent moisturizer and gives their products a very creamy texture. Everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our body. I take comfort in knowing that these products are healthy for my family. A lot of commercial soaps and lotions are full of petroleum products that actually dry our skin out and are harmful. My husband has found the extreme mechanic orange poppyseed soap to be very useful in getting his working hands clean and keeping them moisturized as well. The wonderful natural fragrances in the lotions are sure to please even the girliest of girls. I think it’s great when families utilize their resources and make quality products for the betterment of others.

Donna Thorp

5 Chicks and A Hen offer several amazing products. From lotion to soap. I’m an avid shopper! Their soap has several amazing characteristics fitted for every individual in your home. The individual bars are very durable, the lather is nice and the scents aren’t so overwhelming that it knocks you over. My children have skin issues and since I’ve switched to their soap I’ve had little to no problems at all. If you have a manly man in your life and need to knock out grease and grime they have a soap for that. This business is by far one of my favorites. Family owned and ran with great standards. They’re always there to help get you what you need.

Charity Amerin

I have really sensitive skin, so when I saw that I was able to try new products through someone locally I was quite excited. 5 Chicks and A Hen truly do not disappoint! Their lotion goes on smoothly, with no sticky residue afterward. It keeps my skin moisturized all day and it comes in a variety of lovely fragrances. I then had the opportunity to try out their body soap and was just as happy. I opted for the pumpkin spice variety (tis the season) and was very pleased with the soft smell and the way the soap left my skin feeling clean and very soft. Love all of these products.

Carina Temores


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