Meet the Family

Not having grown up on a farm, that didn’t stop my new neighbors from introducing me to the piano player at my dad’s new church. And the rest is history. Travis runs and manages the family farm and helps me stay grounded, and I step in wherever needed on the farm, and in my “free time”, I make handcrafted goat milk goods. Overall, we are a great team. Travis’ favorite scent of goat milk goods is Old West and my favorite scent is Hibiscus Passion.


Hannah (13) is the laid-back,  responsible big sister who sets a great example for her younger siblings. She is very active in everything. Around the farm, she milks Maggie (the goat) and feeds the pigs. She helps make our handcrafted goat milk lotions and lip balms. Her favorite scents are Almond Vanilla and Apple Jacks.

  Josie (11) is our inquisitive one who loves all things pigs and reading. She is passionate and loves big. Around the farm, she helps Hannah milk the goats and feed the other farm animals. She also helps make our handcrafted goat milk lotions and lip balms. Her favorite scent is Blue Spruce.

Abby (8) is our sweet, but mischievous, little adventurer. Around the farm, she helps feed the baby goats (also known as “kids”) and the chickens. She helps put lids on bottles of our handcrafted goat milk lotion. Her favorite scent is Pumpkin Spice.


Naomi (5) is our sweet, playful one who can be stubborn when she wants to be. Around the farm, she keeps the dog and cats fed. She loves to sit on the counter while I’m making handcrafted goat milk soap and lotion and ask me what I’m doing. Her favorite scent is Cucumber Melon.


Eli (3) is our little worker bee who keeps everyone on their toes, and the little chick who is different from the other chicks in our logo. Around the farm, he isn’t quite big enough to handle any chores on his own, but he loves getting into mischief while all his siblings do their chores. He loves smelling all the handcrafted goat milk soaps and lotions and saying, “mmm, good, mama”.